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Badam Halwa Recipe | How To Make BadamHalwa | A1 SKC Pure Ghee

Badam Halwa


Type: Dessert

Cuisine: South Indian

Preparation Time: 4 Hours

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes

Total Time: 4 Hours and 30 Minutes



2 Cup - 360 Gms Almonds

2 1/4 Cup - 600 ml water (For blanching and Grinding)

1 Tablespoon - Saffron Strands

0.5 Cup - 125 ml A1SKC Cow Ghee

2 Cup - 400 Gms Sugar

1 Cup -250ml Water (For Cooking)

Shavings/Crumbled Almonds (For Garnish-Optional)

1 Tablespoon of Ghee (For Garnish)




Wash the almonds and soak them in 500 ml hot water for 4 hours. The almonds can even be soaked overnight.

Gently press the almonds between your index finger and thumb to nudge the seed from the peel. Peel all the almonds this way

Add the almonds to a grinder and add 100 ml of water and grind to a semi-fine state. Ideally, the mixture must look between coarse and fine.

Soak the saffron strands in 1 tablespoon of hot water.

Now add the sugar with 250 ml water into a heavy-bottomed Kadai and allow it to boil on low flame.

Note: Do not use a non-stick pan as the high heat used for this recipe can affect the non-stick coating.

After the sugar dissolves and boils, add the ground almond paste to it, mix thoroughly and keep on stirring the mixture.

From here on do not stop stirring the mixture.

As the Almonds are cooking in the Kadai, add the soaked saffron strands and mix thoroughly.

Add 1/4 th of the Pure Ghee to this cooking mixture and keep stirring. Keep adding the ghee in batches to incorporate it as the mixture cooks.

At the stage when the mixture doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan while stirring reduce the flame completely.

Take a few drops of the mixture and put it on a small plate. Add some ghee in your fingers and try rolling the drops into a ball. If the halwa becomes a ball easily, this is the perfect consistency of the halwa. If not, it is an indication that you have to cook for some more time.

After the drops become a ball, transfer the contents to another bowl and let it set.

Serve the BadamHalwa garnished with shavings of almonds, and a tablespoon of ghee.