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Quick And Easy Dessert Recipe



Type: Dessert

1 Cup Besan/ Gram flour

Cuisine: South Indian

2 Cup -A1SKC Ghee

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

1 1/2 - 2 Cup Sugar

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes

1 Cup Water

Total Time: 40 Minutes





1. Sift the besan flour through a sieve to separate the larger clumps from the finer ones.

2. Dry roast the fine ground besan flour for 10 minutes or as required in a Tawa on low flame till the raw smell of the flour diminishes and the flour turns aromatic.

3. Add half the measured quantity of A1SKC Ghee to the roasted flour and mix it thoroughly so that no lumps are seen.

4. Now add the sugar and water into a heavy-bottomed Kadai and allow it to boil it on medium flame.

Note: Do not use a non-stick pan as the high heat used for this recipe can affect the non-stick coating.

5. The sugar will form a syrup-like consistency. Keep boiling this sugar syrup till you reach a one string consistency, stirring occasionally.

How to check string-consistency: Take a drop of the syrup between your thumb and index finger. Give it a pinch and stretch it to an inch. The result must be a single uniform string that stretches to an inch for this recipe.

1. After the syrup has reached the one-string consistency, add the dissolved besan-ghee mixture to the syrup and stir continuously. Do not stop stirring the mixture from this point.

2. The sugar syrup- flour-ghee mixture will start to fluff up without sticking to the bottom of the Kadai. At this stage add half of the remaining A1SKC Ghee.

3. Grease a flat plate with some A1SKC Ghee and keep it aside.

4. After this mixture fluffs up as well, add the remainder of the ghee and keep stirring continuously till the mixture curdles up from the edge and leaves powdery residues on the bottom of the pan. This is an indication that the dish is done.

5. Immediately switch off the flame or you risk hardening the mixture.

6. Pour the mixture at this stage into the greased plate and set it aside

7. Before serving, drizzle a few tablespoons of A1SKC Ghee to elevate the taste.

8. Cut in diamond shapes and serve.