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A1 SKC Cow Ghee - Changing Directions, Raising The Bar Of Excellence!

In the beginning years of the brand, A1 SKC Cow Ghee had a production capacity that was approximately 500 Kg per day. During 1980-85, institution sales picked up with noted companies like Parry Confectionery and Nutrine Confectionery and their likes becoming A1 SKC Cow Ghee’s clients.

Then, as a brand A1 SKC Cow Ghee’s vision was to enter every household in the South India and to satisfy the expectations of every Mother/ housewife of the household. And we realized that consistency in quality holds the key to the brand’s SUCCESS and which also, the key to enter into international markets like Singapore, UAE and Seychelles.

SKC Our Services The Factory is situated in an 18 acre campus and 75,000 square feet. It is completely backward integrated with stringent quality norms and the production capacity is enhanced to almost 15,000 Kg ghee per day.

SKC A1 SKC Cow Ghee To enter the households in South India, it was mandatory that the ghee supply should be consistent and the quality should be consistent too. Hence, A1 SKC Cow Ghee has established a completely Backward Integrated Manufacturing Facility in Vazhapadi, Salem Dist.

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